The super market…

I realized this morning that i completely left out my trip to the supermarket in yesterday’s post… it may sound trivial and unexciting to a regular mind.
But for me trips to the supermarket have always been social, educational (i like to be a conscious shopper) and generally fun experiences.
However, finding my way around new supermarkets distresses me..
When it comes to food, if I now what I want (which is a rarity in my life) then I want to know where it is, off the top of my head, so that I can access it in seconds! NOT hours… (otherwise I risk a change of mind).
OK, OK I wasnt lost in the isles of this supermarket for hours! But! .. i was lost for too long..
The result was a poor end selection of rice and bread products which offered little nutritional value to me, and which now that dinner time is dawning, I realize I am not at all excited to eat..

On the positive hand however, my goodness! fruit and vegetables seem to be relatively cheap here!
I don’t know if that’s just my inability to add tax (you have to add tax at the counter here) and calculate the exchange rate, but I’m excited to explore creative vegetarianism this semester none the less! (…who am I kidding, I’ll probably be right back to my year one, halls of residence diet of toasties and cereal in no time).

Also, “TV dinners” are in huge abundance, and buying cheese… looks hard.
You have to select the type of cheese you want from a deli, and they cut it for you off a massive slab in butchery style..
I don’t know enough about cheese.

actually, now that I’ve written this… I’m not even sure exactly why I felt it necessary to share such a story. . But, too late now..enjoy!


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