So yesterday I followed my ‘get up, get dressed, eat free breakfast (at the hostel – so good!) go for a stroll, return to the hostel around 6 pm and read’ routine.
And it worked out well for me, again!
There is literally always something exciting going on in this city.
So any way, this time I happened upon a movie set!
The street was lined with massive Chevrolet station Wagons and trailors of food, dresses and camera equipment.
Admittedly I did freak out initially that I had some how made it onto set, and shouldn’t have been allowed to.. But as it turns out (from a friendly local also hovering in a small crowd) this happens all of the time in the city, and of course the producers can’t close the general public out of their streets.
It was rather exciting!
Although I can’t claim actually sighting any stars..
However I do know that it was filming for an upcoming movie called “The Arcaders” staring Adam Sandler.

I should have stuck around to catch a glimpse of production, but after a while of standing uncertainly across the street, I realised I wasnt sure whether I was standing in a regular crowd… or a crowd of extras. .. so I slipped away.

I wanted to make it to the aquarium early any way to beat the crowds.
Which.. didn’t happen.
STILL a line out the door, around the building and down the street.
It must be school holidays. AND what ever they are hiding I there. .. Must be epic!
So after conceding to defeat in failing to get into the aquarium for the second time.. I decided I would just go have lunch.
By this time (nearing mid-day) it had also reached a massive 30°c! And I was starting to melt.. so I had to opt for sitting down.

Of course what I didn’t consider was doing some research before eating out.. Tipping! ?
I had an absolutely lovely meal at an Italian restaurant and was served by a very flamboyant and chirpy Canadian man; the service in other words was excellent. But I had not actually put any thought into valuing it..
So I ended up eating very slowly and slyly waiting for the family next to me to finish their meals so that I could follow their lead.
I ended up tipping $5 for a $25 meal (and cocktail, why the hell not! ), and feel like that was sitting on the generous side of fair.. But I should do some googling before I head out again..

Next, I had all of the adventurous intentions of visiting a couple of Torontos many museums.. But a full belly combined with the oppressive heat, of what I now realize is the end of summer.. ( I was expecting full on autumn followed by winter) was just too much for me, so instead I returned to my cathedral and park (right across the road from the hostel I’m staying in)
And spent all afternoon reading in the sunshine admist adorable black squirrels, dozing pigeons and several other nature lovers who were also laying about absorbing the suns rays.

It was gorgeous.
I love a bit of time for contemplation, and the result is! A list! ( 😀 I love lists) so here you go:

The Differences I Must Get Used To When Living In Toronto, Compared To NZ..

1. Squirrels running through the parks and across the footpaths – so cute!
2. News paper vending machines – all over the place, in several different varieties.
3. Scalpers – at every street corner surrounding the baseball stadium, yelling out to be noticed.
4. Having a secondary french translation to everything! Every sign and every announcement.
5. Hearing the subway passing below ground in the middle of the city. Actually the first time I heard this I couldn’t figure out what was going on and stood in the street wondering why no one else was panicking..
6. Revolving doors. Seriously. They’re everywhere. Actually and if it’s not Revolving, you do have to push it open. . There are no automated doors in Toronto.
7. .


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