Brittany’s Coming!

Right.  I’ve been slacking on the blog front.
And not because I’ve been too busy; But because I think the time difference has finally caught up on me, and I have been tired!

I have spent the last 2 days meandering through the city as usual. I’ve calmed down on my tourist activities for now, because I figure the university exchange association will probably organize group trips to most of the places I am visiting once the semester begins any way.
And everything would be more fun in a group. . (I’m unsure if I’m lonely or just becoming introverted. .)

So any way, the best thing that I have done over the last couple days is DEFINITELY “Casa Loma”. Which is a a giant castle that sits just a little out of the city center.

An excuse to finally catch the subway!
Which actually wasn’t that daunting..

Anyway this castle was still set up with all the original furnishings of the couple who had built it in the first place – which was really cool!

The man was some one in the military and knighted, and the woman was a head figure in the “Girl Guides” movement.

And outside the castle was perfectly trimmed with a huge water fountain and the well manicured lawns and flower beds you’d expect from a couple who obviously didn’t deprive themselves of any detail.. and eventually ran themselves into bankruptcy..

All in all it was a massive 5 stories of lavish – ness, excluding the tower.. which was an additional 4 stories of small, winding stair cases and trapped heat.
And man, my legs are feeling it today – being a tourist is a good work out (I’ve actually walked one of the heals off my only pair of boots..).
And! While here, I happened upon my second movie set!


Which unfortunately meant this time round… I wasnt allowed into the beautiful conservatory of the castle. .

I also attended a baseball game! – Toronto Bluejays vs Boston Redsocks. This was arranged by the hostel and so was a real good way to meet some fellow traveller’s (bonded particularly well with a 19 year old from Chillie and an aerospace engineer from Montreal).
But, I must say… While the atmosphere was something you need to experience in being a tourist. . The game itself… went for longer than 4 hours, and involved A LOT of standing around on the behalf of the players..

We didn’t stay to watch the whole thing…
Fun to see your generic ‘American’ mascots running about though!

And I did also make it to the Museam of Ontario. Another massive, four story building with exhibits on the history of most of the world..
I particularly enjoyed the history of China



And a very impressive dinosaur exhibition! (I believe in them a little more now) which featured several, ginormous skeletons that towered ominously above you as you walked through the display.
Oh! And the museam had an awesome central gold – leaf ceiling!


And today! Brittany arrived! – My fellow exchangee at Ryerson. And we made the move to from my hostel to our hotel (just down the road)… A very budget hotel, which actually decided to cancel my booking after my arrival in Canada… because they apparently had issues making charges to my Mastercard. .. even though I have just booked into a new hotel with the same card, without issue.
SO there was quite a period of stress involved there, while we scrambled to find somewhere with a vacancy over a long weekend (Labour weekend).. But Google and a couple phone calls got us through it! And now we have a small room above a popular jazz bar! (Very cute).

Today was also our first Internationals event, so we’ve just got back from a free lunch and some entertainment at the university.

And maybe we’ll be at to catch some jazz tonight!

Everything just got way more real. And far more homely.


I love other people's opinions too..

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