Moving in and becoming a local

Holy mac! Where do I start! 

Over the last few days, since Brittany has arrived we have really been getting involved in Ryerson (the university I will be studying at while here in Toronto) orientation and familiarizing ourselves with the local shops and supermarkets.

The university and the exchange committee gave us the general rundown on life at ryerson, have provided us with many free meals, showed us briefly around campus and arranged a scavenger hunt (which a surprisingly large number of us attended).

We have, of course, fallen in with a small group of Australians very comfortably (likely due to our generally similar cultures). And a couple of the girls actually held a flat warming party last weekend, which was a good time!
We even slept on their couch/floor – making friends here is an instant process, seeing as we are each otherwise alone.
And with them we also have done some decent exploring of the city! Including a very slow walk along the lake front

And on one of our tours around the city. .. we found a lost Australian boy, also here on exchange, who turned up at the university without any thought as to where he would stay over the duration of his exchange and was waiting patiently in the lobby of the universities business building… for who knows what.
So naturally we adopted him! As we had a spare bed in our hotel room for a couple of days.
Of course this random act of kindness was immediately followed by self doubt and a fear that this random stranger would leave in the middle of the night with our belongings… But after having spent the last 3 nights with him, he has proven trust worthy, if not a little shy. . And we have finally managed to move into our permanent residence with all of our original possessions!
Thank goodness.

And moving into Neill Wycik (my hall of residence for the next 4 months) is really the big news of the last few days. This place is huge!

A massive 22 floors of students! Studying at a variety of Torontos universities.
Our apartment itself is a unit of 5 people – 3 girls and 2 boys, with a connecting door to the apartment next door! Which left open.. makes us a massive flat of 10!
And we have met most of them! and even planned some upcoming birthday celebrations – there’s 2 this week!
We have also already had a good number of visitors! So are hoping to establish ourselves as an open door kind of flat.. Although at this stage only time can tell.

My room is nice. Bigger than I had been struggling with at home. And after a trip to the Dollarama today, it is gaining a homely feel by the minute!
AND this place is decked out with a roof top patio, sewing and woodwork rooms, gym and common lounge. So there is plenty of space to explore and hang out in.

For now though… I have class early tomorrow…and moving in and unpacking has been mentally tiresome.. so it’s bed time for me.
Party time tomorrow.


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