Day one of classes

Well, today was my first taste of class at Ryerson University.
And I have no complaints.
The course I tried out was Destination Management Systems and is in a nut shell, all about E – commerce and search engine optimisation. It is a course that I can legitimately see being helpful I’m my future career pursuits. So I’m happy!
But learning how things are done at any new university is daunting. .
For example in this course a percentage of my final grade will come from small tests that I must access from my smartphone, though an app called Top Hat.
It’s something a little different from home for sure.
The course will also have communication and updates/notices through Twitter … Which is a social media app that even I (as a youth of the 21st century) have never had to participate in.. so the use of cloud technology at Ryerson, in comparison to home is instantly noticeable.

Further, a lot of the courses here involve “participation” grades. Which means not only do you have to turn up to class, but have to be putting your hand up to answer questions and challenging other classmates with debate during lectures…
This is a difference I like though. And I’ve already found a boy (maybe I should be calling him a man..?) Who I see as being a class discussion nemesis for myself. Bring it on bud!

Sooooo many freebies as orientation celebrations continue throughout the university! AND today we finally got our documents and payments in order and actually enrolled in the university health plan! (Compulsory under Ontario law) which includes free dental care!
Such a bonus. .. (I literally do not intend to be sarcastic there, I don’t think I have been to the dentist for 3 years!)

AND to reward ourselves after a long day of heat (30°C here most days at the moment as summer Continues to end..), free goodies and a single class! Me, Brittany and Vera (an exceedingly lovely and all to similar to me, German girl we met on exchange) hit the local cinema (a 5 minute walk from the apartment) to watch Lucy.
Which! Is a damn good movie!

And NO class tomorrow this time round. .. But unfortunately the readings are already being assigned. . And I have textbooks to purchase.. So tomorrow will perhaps be a productive day.


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