Scratch classes. Let’s party!

So, I have now had a taste of all but one of my classes at Ryerson.
And have even managed to find (second hand) and purchase 1 of 3 of the textbooks I require this year.
I tried to start doing some readings..
BUT orientation week (O – week back home. . Actually called Frosh week here) really came to a head this weekend!

On Thursday our wee AustrialianNewZealand group gathered at our place (which is quickly becoming our meeting spot, due to our unexpectedly large living room/kitchen area and a very laid back general attitude from our flat mates) and had a few drinks together.
We had all of the intentions of going out to the pub afterwards.. But as often is the case, just got caught up in each others company instead. 
Which is my favorite result. 
Maybe I’m getting too old.. maybe I’ve gained wisdom.. maybe I have a hearing problem. . Maybe all of the above..
But going out clubbing is just not a social experience.
It’s too loud.
BUT in saying that… (and because I know that last night does not flow with this thought process) sometimes you dont want to talk. You just want to go out and have a damn good boogie.
And with that notion in mind.. we compensated for it by getting drunk again on Friday and hitting a club.
Oh the lifestyle of 21st century students.
BUT the story of Friday needs to start at the beginning! …

So! We rolled out of bed around 10am, feeling sluggish and sticky after another HOT, sleepless night and possibly as the result of too much vodka the night before…
Motivated ourselves into consciousness and joined a giant student parade that overtook the city streets, blocking off traffic ways and creating a crap load of noise and disturbance along the way.

We marched behind a mobile DJ the whole way so that there was a contstant atmosphere, all the while several older students screamed “school spirit” chants at us through loud speakers so that the city knew who we were. My favorite being:
One! We are the rams!
Two! A little bit louder!
Three! I still can’t here you!
Four! More more more!
(The ram is our school mascot)

After about an hour of slow marching, chanting, dancing, singing and sweating in the heat we arrived at the ferry terminal on Torontos lake front, and packed into a boat that took us across to Toronto Island!

On the island a huge stage was set up, which produced every kind of music as the day went on, through a variety of DJs and singers.
But we went straight for the free food (literally a beef or vege pattie in a plain bun..) and then went off to explore the island!
Extremely dehydrated from the long walk to the ferry and finally giving in to jet lag after our first week of actually having to wake up and work in the mornings, coming across the first water pump on the island was one of my favorite moments. And the 3 drink bottles we had between us were abused and rationed out throughout the day.

Then it was off to find the “Clothing Optional” beach. Where we sighted all too many old, naked bodies.. before stripping down to our underwear ourselves and diving into the lake for a much needed cool off.
This was an excellent Bonding experience. And after some peer pressure and convincing everyone actually gave it a go.
Of course this also meant that we had to spend the next couple of hours drip – drying and ringing out all of our wet items.. But fortunately some free ponchos offered a little amusement while we waited to be dry enough to put our real clothes back on.


And eventually the sunshine and excitement wore us out and we ferried back to the city.. to get ready for town!
Everyone quickly regathered at ours, showered, washed off the sand and got changed.. and drunk.

In short, we ended up at a club called Tequila Jacks and spent the whole night dancing. It was … A good time.
Inevitably of course, half the group got lost in the way there.
But for those of us who got there… we weren’t let down.

And this morning and today has been all about milling around, watching cartoons and strolling through the park.
Being a student is an incredibly unique and specific demographic and a lifestyle I thoroughly enjoy.
It’s the days spent doing nothing. . Which are the best.
The days when you can just sit back and consciously watch the world go on about you.
Days when you can breathe and realize that to do so is a gift.


I love other people's opinions too..

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