Learning how to speak

This weekend ended quietly – after two nights of partying, with board games and gossip.

Because, inevitably after our first drunk night out in a new city.. everyone had a crazy story to tell!
Actually.. One boy even got jumped and ended up in Hospital with a broken hand.
Thank goodness I wasnt around to witness it though!

And our Aussie friend Mike has taken to turning up at our door literally every evening, so some.. green conversations, have filled our last couple of nights as we have settled in and (probably too quickly) become comfortable with one other.

And as the week restarts we’re back to classes. Which I truly do see myself enjoying this semester.. Although in the mad hunt to find cheap textbooks (do they even exist!?) I’m already falling behind…

I have joined both a Philosophy and UN club through uni! And have gatherings for them both coming up over the next couple of weeks! Which I am super excited for! And another Aussie (Bria) who shares my passion in these two topics, is joining me!
Any excuse to have a couple drinks and engage in some serious debate and discussion..

Currently, we’ve just got back from a trip to Walmart (which we have to specifically roll our R’s when saying, so people will usnderstand us… otherwise it’s heard as Wall-mutt) where we bought some cheap! 10 dollar appliances so that we can finally make toast and start drinking coffee again! (Thank goodness!!).

This also meant an experience in the subway. Which is basically a large system of trapped heat underground… where suicide helpline signs litter the walls and fast moving carriages arrive every 5 minutes.
OK I’m not selling the idea. . But it’s not nearly the novelty I expected.
Although I can admit, it’s mighty efficient! And not nearly as crowded as I had been led to believe it would be in movies.

Any way! Today I have another list!
Words that do not compute from NZ english to Canadian english:
1. Rubbish… apparently it is just not something that exists here.. it is trash or garbage.

2. Toilet… Yes, Canadians do have toilets, but if asked “where is the toilet? ” they would likely respond.. “in the bathtoom”. Not exactly the helpful answer I’m searching for.. Here we must say bathroom or, more commonly Washroom.

3. Dollars and cents… OK you COULD say dollars or cents and people would understand you.. But there is also a complete slang Library for every coin available… A 2 dollar is a toonie a 1 dollar is a loonie. A 25 cent is a quarter, a 10 cent a dime and a 5 cent a nickel.

4. Trim milk.. I don’t even know how the milk works here yet… I think it’s called 2%.. you may also be able to get away with non-fat although Brittany tells me she bought some 0.5% today.. so who the hell knows!? There is also a spectacular range of extra calcium, soy, almond, rice, extra protine etc etc etc varieties! AND people bulk buy their milk in bags here… weird.

5. To add to coffee ordering confusion, cream.. is called whip.
And, a Flat White does not exist at all. In fact the coffee is so old school here, that it’s generally just black or white.

6. A polytechnic.. is a College.

7. Fizzy drink.. is Pop.

8. The trams.. are actually street cars.

9. The train.. is definitely not a train! It’s the subway.

And finally..
10. BJs .. are this cities baseball team.

Who’d have thought 1 language could vary so dramatically!
And throw in their the constant flow of new Australian terms that I’m hearing every day (slab, eskie, thongs, bathers, flanno, permo..).. and I feel like I’m learning a new language all together. .
But! It is a hilarious and extremely educative learning experience all in all! And I am rapidly adopting the terms I like the best into my everyday speech.
Next it’ll be the Australian – Canadian accent to master!


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