The squirrels are still a novelty!


They’re everywhere! (The squirrels)
And they are so dam cute. And they look so soft! I want to touch one!
..But I’m also very afraid of the liklihood of getting rabies..
And the cute little critters won’t even let me get a good photo! They’re too damn busy frolicking around,  collecting acorns and burrying them for the winter!
And frolick really is the perfect word for it.. because they don’t crawl like most creatures. .. They bound!
It looks so energetic and joyous.

And sometimes when there’s a few in the park… they chase each other around the tree trunks and play tag! And that’s even cuter than just one!

Or! There might be some one feeding the pigeons. .. and the cheeky squirrels amble in for the free food and mingle with the birds.

AND we even have a special tail-less Ryerson squirre!. Although I have not yet heard the story as to how it is that he lost his tail.

And they come in multi colours!  Grey, back and some with red bellies!

I hope they stick around when the snow comes. 


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