Canadians do camping right!

We are going camping! !!
And I am so excited!
But it has not by any means been an easy process…

The idea all started when me and a German exchange friend found brochures for a camping experience in Ontarios Algonquin national park and after some brief web-based research found the place to look.. Absolutely stunning.
We talked the idea over for about 3 weeks.. got some more people to jump on the band Wagon, and generally formed a secure friend group who we knew would get involved regardless of the event..
But last week I got tired of just talking about it and decided it was time to actually start some action. Especially seeing as summer very abruptly ended about 2 weeks ago.. and the temperature literally plummeted 20°C over night…

SO we started with looking up the website that was provided on the brochure that started it all… only to find the trips were limited to the summer months and had finished when September began..
However one of the other girls quickly came up with an alternative company who offered, more or less, the same trip… We dove back into Internet research mode. ..
The result for round two ..$700.00+ per person…
not quite feasible on a student budget which has already afforded for you to make it to the other side of the globe!
Utter dismay. Loosing hope.

I was more than dissappointed after weeks of hype… BUT vowed to look further into independent camping and the possibility of borrowing tents from Canadian friends at Ryerson.

The result was again… not as desired. No obvious tent owners came forward and as the days grow colder, passion for the idea was simply lost. .
HOW EVER! Over night a wonderful website was bought to my attention!
OK its nothing revolutionary, or particularly amazing. . In fact this website is like a lot of NZ batch sites.. BUT! to it, we owe the super awesome trip we are about to embark on!

Basically the website enables traveller’s like ourselves to hire out the holiday homes of people willing to share their households when they cant be in them, with… complete strangers.

So after a reasonable amount of trouble in deciding where exactly it was that we wanted to go (Algonquin park now out of the question), we found a home that would fit our committed group of 10 and requested a booking!
Of course the important thing to consider before this.. was HOW we were actually going to get out there (should the booking go through).
So some brief research as to roughly how much car rental costs are here, and the legality of driving in Canada with a foreign driverd license was pursued… And then we went ahead and made the booking.

24 hours later… Booking declined.
Now I understand (especially having road tripped to Duneidn on multiple occassions) that our age group (20-25) are not associated with the most stellar stereotypes.. But come on! We can pay a deposit! We are all travel insured! We can even meet with the owner upon arrival so she knows own our faces for the police report later!
What are we possibly going to do, short of burning the whole house down, that could create this much mistrust!?

Ok… anger over. Dismay returns.

Round two of accommodation searching was much less fussy, covering a greater area and looking at a few pricier options..
And it damn well worked in our favor!
FINALLY a plan that works!
With a mere day to spare!
And where are we going?

We have found a lodge with 10 beds literally in the middle of nowhere.
The whole house runs on propane, so we have to light lanterns for light, and even have to light the fridge? !
The drive way alone is a couple of kms long, and after a lengthy call with the owner yeaterday I have a full page of notes about where to find the keys for the several doors and gate, and how to get the house to a fully operational state.
We’ve also been informed there is plenty of firewood for the outdoor fire pit and indoor fire place. And also to heat the outhouse sauna and outdoor shower and bath water!
AND the place is right on the front of its own private lake!
This is going to be excellent.
Although we’re all hoping that we’ll remember to close the gate, so the friendly neighborhood bears don’t come peeking!


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