Returning from camp, a pig and a date!

My golly, this has been a big story!
But let’s finish it off!

So on Sunday we all rose early and decided one last swim in the polar lake was necessary. And this time everyone got involved, with the exception of the two South Korean girls – who still thought we were crazy.
Then we just genrally lazed about and procrastinated on the clean up until about mid day.. discussing the weekends antics and snapping last minute shots of our beautiful little cabin in the woods.

Then, reluctantly we scrubbed the place down as best we could. Packed up our rubbish (everything had to come with us – or it would serve as potential bear bait) and put out our fires. And packed into the rental vehicles for the last time, for the drive home.

I honestly can say that we arrived home exhausted and greasy – after a weekend without showers or soap, and with minimal and uncomfortable sleeping conditions.
BUT we arrived home satisfied with a trip that was a once in a lifetime kind of trip. We arrived home with newly secured friendships and with memories that meant more than a warm shower.
In saying this…. that first warm shower after we arrived home.. was damn good…

And scince we have returned to society the antics and adventures have not stopped.
A general lack of study effort persists, and this weekend is already shaping up to be a long one… full of drinking.

Last night we returned to the massive 4 storied club (The Madison) which we were amazed by during our pub crawl a couple of weeks ago.
And tonight we headed out to a pub for the AFL (Australian Football League) final… Although I will admit that I left after the 1st quarter (at 1.30am) because I was just too exhausted from last night’s dancing…

And of course the interesting people of Toronto are always amusing me – The other day I saw a man walking a small dog and a large pig around the park… Both on leashes. The pig with its trotters painted bright pink…
A very cool choice of pet, so long as it doesn’t later end up on his plate ..

And I even got invited on my first ever date! By a really lovely guy from a small place near Turkey, called Azerbaijan.
We went to a pool hall on the other side of town… and im dissappointed to admit ..he beat me 3 times.
But it was good fun, and something a little different.
Then he gave me the grand tour of the university of Toronto (where he studies engineering).. Which turned out to be much larger and much older than Ryerson, so it was actually quite pretty to look at.

Hmmmmm, what else has been going on…
Some brief readings. Some brief group assignment meetings. A model UN conference (very interesting). A little gyming. A lot of eating.. A lot of chatting. Some sun bathing.
Far too much sleeping..
Oh! And finally! Some skype sessions with home 🙂

It all makes for a pretty good time.


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