Exams round one. ..

Well. The first round of mid semester exams are over and done with.. Which for me involved a whole TWO exams.. Both of which were largely multi choice. So I really have no reason to complain.. But the general in-availability of friends who did have to study, was none the less burdensome on my life for a short period of time..

I guess I feel like I would have passed both of them (although I don’t want to count my chickens and what not). But I was definitely not aiming all that high.. Because as it turns out .. we don’t get to keep the grades we achieve over here.
Only the fact that we passed is cross credited back to home…
So we’ve all adopted a relaxed attitude towards our course work, and are instead investing our energies into exploration and partying! – A much more worthy and experiential investment any way.

And so, as exam week has drawn to an end, we kicked off our mid semester break with some 21st birthday celebrations!
Dress ups, alcohol, cake and clubbing.. And a far too enthusiastic attempt to stay up to see the sun rise. .. which was only just missed out on.. me and Bria actually made it till 6am before falling asleep.. a mere 1 hour short of sunrise..

And of course our ‘body clocks’ had us up at the regular 9 am the same day.. so we got up after a brief 3 hour nap and walked down to the famous St Lawrence markets for a massive breakfast.
We had already decided the night before that the humongous sandwiches served up here were the perfect hangover cure.. and they damn well were.

But they were far too big to eat in one sitting… and so made for a good lunch as well!
Actually we spent all that day eating and revisiting Disney movies on Brittany’s lap top… Anastasia and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
It was very cute and reminiscent.

And this week was also the Canadian ice hockey opener; or the first game of the season.. Which the city goes mad for!
So a few of us quit study efforts for a night and meandered down to Dundas square to watch the game…

Which was not at all hard, with 9 big screens set up 360° around the central city square. Madness.
And unfortunately. .. Toronto lost…

Oh! But I do have a wonderful, wonderful food experience for this week! which definitely has to be mentioned… The Marble Slab Ice creamery!
Mmmmmhhmmmm. .
And this is no regular ice cream! ..
You go in, and can choose from about… 50 or so different flavors – the fun ones, like banana cake, green tea, licorice, red velvet, pomegranate and peanut butter… and then you can pick a range of sweet treats which will be mashed into it! – as many as you like (all at 1 fixed price).. and the range includes the likes of oreos, cookie dough, nerds, peanut brittle, raspberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, kit kat, peanut butter cups… honestly there are too many choices to process!
AND THEN you can choose your cone!
And there are a selection of waffle cones dipped in dark chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles…
I was deliriously overwhelmed by the concept of it all.. but the resulting creation. . Is the most delicious and Americanized sweetness that I have ever experienced.
And it is so good.

And on the topic of food. .. this coming Monday it Canadas thanksgiving!
But as our group have planned a trip away to CHICAGO! (The actual city not the stage show..)on Monday. .. we thought we should slip this feasty holiday in early so as not to miss out…
So last night we walked back down to St Lawrence markets and collected breads, crackers, wines, potatoes, capsicums, carrots, a turkey and a pumpkin and cooked up a massive roast (which required two ovens to complete)and all enjoyed what was probably the single most nutritious meal any of us have had access to for the last two months…



And we even had chocolate self Saucing pudding for dessert!

And tonight. .. we’re heading out to a watch an Australian band play before catching an early morning train into the USA tomorrow!

Damn it’s good to be on holiday.


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