So on Monday. .. at 8.30am.. we began our journey to Chicago, from Toronto.. by bus…
And around 11.30pm that same day we arrived at our destination!

As students and budget traveller’s.. taking the bus was really the only feasible option for us in terms of affordability.. and honestly I can’t complain about the experience.
The bus was clean, there was a toilet and wireless on board and we had several stops along the way to get out and stretch our legs.. AND as there were so few people making the long journey at this time of year we could all stretch out across 2 steats and make ourselves as comfortable as possible.
And of course with modern day I – pods and laptops at the ready! We were all able to plug in and relax for… The entire day that it took to make the trip.

The longest stop-over we made was in Detroit! Which we were able to explore for an hour.
I must admit it was a noticeably…. derelict area. But then, we weren’t exactly dropped off in the city center.. And regardless the people were lovely!
A “homeless” man instantly befriended us in overhearing that we were looking for food… and walked us to the nearest Burger King..
Turns out his name was Joe and he told us that it was his 75th birthday.. and generally provided me with friendly chat along the walk, as the rest of the group fell conveniently behind…
And when we made it to Burger King I bought him lunch and thanked him for helping us out.
Lunch with the homeless is a recurring theme in my life. And it’s something i enjoy.

Oh! But of course before we could make it to Detroit, we had to pass through the border.
Which meant everybody had to get off the bus and wait in line at a processing office to have their various visas checked out.
Needless to say the officers had their intimidation act on and we’re less than helpful in their questioning..
BUT we all had our bags scanned and we’re back on the bus without much trouble. . Although there was a tense few moments between the majority of the group and Miriam getting back on the bus.. BUT we made it!

And our home here is another Airbnb win! – A little 3 bedroom apartment for the 8 of us (2 in each room and 2 in the lounge) that’s painted with bright greens, red and yellow and is stocked out with everything we could possibly need (including a life time supply of handy towels).
Although we can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet here for some reason. .. which is a weird habit to have to break.. We have to put it in the rubbish bin next to the toilet instead..

A small sacrifice to make!

Day 1 will follow shortly!


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