Gotta keep this going!..

OK, my blogging efforts have unquestionably slowed, and I am trying to re-motivate myself in keeping this up. Both for the benefit of who ever outside of myself is actually interested, and for the benefit of myself, as I will one day inevitably not be able to recall as much as I can right now..

So, since arriving back from Chicago, we have all gone back to uni days. My schedule is a lot of class, sleep, eat, drink and gym.. Although I am (and always feel like I am) trying to exchange some drinking hours for gyming hours at the moment. Especially after having recently discovered that there is a very small (but all inclusive) gym right here in the building of Neill-Wycik! So there are really no excuses.. seeing as I don’t even have to feel the outdoors to get there. And on most days (as I enjoy going in the middle of the day) I am fortunate to have the whole room to myself, so I can play what ever music I like, right up loud and have a dance in between my time on the equipment. This is a fact that keeps me pretty well motivated..

Additionally I have just finished writing my first essay at Ryerson! and although it is not due till Tuesday, I am glad to have it out of the way. I have to admit it is the first real work I have had to put in all semester and I am a little nervous about it… I have no idea what is expected of us here, and its a little terrifying that it has come this close to the end of the semester without my having to have been internally assessed at all.. I can only wait and see now I suppose…

Aaaand actually this weekend has been a really good one! Brittany has a friend in town, so we took it as a pretty good excuse this weekend to actually get out and do some sight seeing before we all have to leave! So we went and found a park – called High park and went for a very pretty autumn stroll through there. We found THE MOST autumn tree in there, and all got far to excited about it..

Autumn here is a kind of all-immersive autumn that you never quite get to appreciate at home. And at the moment all of the trees are in various stages of red and yellow. and some even near purple as they push out the chlorophyll they no longer need and prepare themselves for the cold winter ahead.

AND speaking of a cold winter… It is dropping down to the single digits (in terms of temperature) pretty quickly now! and we are expecting next week to remain mainly in the negatives. But it will all be harmless until it drops down to the double digit negatives… Maybe then I will start getting a little more nervous about it all. Generally though, I am able to declare myself as a winter soul, and I have been loving the grey skies and gentle rains. And the cold here is a crisp cold, that leaves your checks red, and icy to the touch, and really.. Is quite invigorating.

I love running in and out of the buildings here, defrosting and re-freezing as you adapt to the world of difference that indoor heating makes in the winter. And I have FINALLY ordered some shoes online (shoe shopping being one of my least favorite things to do) so that I wont have to continue trekking around the city in sodden slippers – something which I know I would regret when the snow begins to fall.

And we have even had some snow fall already! (freakishly early might I add – Oh hello there Global Warming!) – Although it did not settle.. but we experienced our first (and REAL first for some of the Australians) flurries on the early morning hours following Halloween. Which itself was a really good night too!


We all got dressed up and drunk at one of our neighbors flats (The Irish girls across the hall from us at Wycik) and then around midnight decided we should all get in taxis and check out a random house party (which I will never be able to find again.. because I really have no idea where it was). The house itself was covered in mud, and by the time we arrived in the early morning hours it was probably dying down a bit.. But we all walked straight in and took over a small side room which was operating as a dance floor anyway.. And around 4am we finally got bored of it all and rushed through the cold to the nearest food source. Which as it turned out.. Was a small diner, very nearly next door. And this place was over flowing with drunk Halloween guests, on the hunt for food. The poor guys running the place had obviously not seen it coming, and to be fair, they never could have predicted that a house party was going to be drawing people from all over the city, just down the street from them.. So we all ordered after a brief wait, and as Brittany’s head began to hit the table and exhaustion set in, we finally got some hot food in us (an exceedingly average, but none the less necessary omelet for me)!

After observing the abuse the chef was getting from a generally drunk and obviously spoilt audience, I got up to leave, ensuring to tip well, and we were back out in the cold in no time.

What we were completely unprepared for was how hard it would be to catch a taxi to get home…

Standing out in the cold, as the flurries began to come down.. We realized that every cab (and there were MANY of them) was passing us by with customers already warmly snuggled inside.. Apparently 4am was peak time in this part of the city (where ever we were). And we ended up spending what we assume to be an hour at least, trying unsuccessfully to flag down a ride home. . At some point however, we finally gave up and took a risk on the cable car – which we hoped was going in the right direction to get us home.. It was packed on board that thing! and there were Halloween costumes all over the place, as people scrambled in from the cold (the novelty of the snow having worn down to a little bit of sheer terror, as we realised we might actually be stuck in it for the night). BUT alas, it eventually dropped us off a mere 1 block from home! and I ran the final leg, desperate to get inside, and warm, and to sleep.

Wow I have diverged here.. Getting back to THIS weekend… So we went through high park, got some delicious $5.00 meals from a bar/diner/pub? we recently discovered called El Furniture Factory and found a small, but very well kept farm! just down the road from home. And then of course the girls went out for a dance and drinking later that night, but this time I stayed behind, preferring to laze about with some newly acquired books… Which i hesitate to say we stole… Time for another divergence.

So a couple of weekends ago (oh my goodness time has gone way too quickly) me and Bria were walking home from a club when we came across a huge pile of books… just discarded on a rock.. In the early hours of the morning.. In Ryerson University.. And my attention was immediately drawn to them. I just could not leave them behind. Especially with the risk of oncoming rain.. So.. I shoved as many as I could into an also discarded plastic bag and fretted over those left behind, until I exhausted Bria and she helped me move the remainders under a cafe umbrella… And when I got home. I laid my new collection out along my bedroom floor, and decided to love every one of them and take them in as my own. And so! I have a new collection of 12 books, of which I am already reading my 3rd. And I am very pleased about the whole situation. And there is even one DVD – Which looks like some kind of animae thing.. And so far! the stories have actually been good ones! Although the majority look like murder mysteries..

But anyway! As I always am with books, once I start reading them, they tend to entirely consume my time and priorities, and so I have been spending a lot of time lying in bed and reading through them recently, feeling guilty about the fact that there are also textbooks in my room which should be demanding just as much attention.. But in fact.. I think I shall be going back to my room to read some more right now…


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