It’s so cold…

Right now, at 11.30am it is a bright, cloudless day. The sun is shining. And.. It is -4degreesC…

It is so cold that the 5 min walk to uni this morning had by glove-less hands physically aching.

Its so cold that if I blow my nose and breathe in too hard, the nerves in my sinuses actually burn.

Its so cold that leaving the house with wet hair after my shower this morning actually put my ears in danger of frost bite.

Its so cold that wet hair can freeze solid outside.

Its so cold that all of the should-be puddles, are now actually slippery concrete death traps.

Its so cold.. that I struggle to understand how people survive this every winter… And the low today is -8degreesC.. we’re not even there yet…. AND it isn’t even winter… Its still fall…

And. I am sick. Again. As always.. Last night was restless and sleepless as I fought between the lack of oxygen from built up snot vs the burning of my sinuses when my noes was clear. Even as the sun started to rise this morning, I was still battling – and ended up having to prop my neck up on my desk to raise my head into an upright position so I could breathe at all.. And even then it was a restless and uncomfortable morning and my pains only redistributed themselves so I fought for feeling in my shoulders and back instead..

SO it looks like my ‘I love winter’ attitude has quickly fled my body. This cold is not something that I was prepared for. I have always struggled to comprehend how people live in temperatures below -10.. and after experiencing the painful cold today.. I am terrified to find out. If I am sick now.. I don’t feel like I will be healthy again for the remainder of this trip.. unless I quit classes now and remain indoors for the next 3 weeks… And actually that is very tempting…

Although I have just run down to the drug store! I will give this fight a go! (also, I really would like some sleep tonight… Or right now for that matter..) Ive stocked up on “sinus relief” tablets and soap and shampoo, so that I can scrub all these germs off and clear them out!

And on the bright side! I am almost done with study!!! I spent all yesterday sitting at the computer typing out 2 reports that I had left to the last minute.. And somehow ended up writing 25 or so pages between them.. although I really am not confident that its all valuable information. And I am definitely certain of at least one significant point that I have forgotten to include… But the truth is (and has been for a long while now) I just do not care to put in any more effort than that. And further, as they are both due today, we will just have to wait and see now what happens when the marks come out.

And boy what a dramatic weekend has just passed! Actually it is primarily weekend drama that I blame for my current sickness.. But that will have to be described in a post of its own.. I will come back to that one..

But boy! As I lay awake.. for all of last night.. I realized that there are a lot of things that I don’t think I have mentioned here! SO… iiiiiiittttttssss LIST TIME!!!! woooooo weeeee…

Thing that I may not have mentioned:

1. I went to the stage show “Book of Mormon”! – AND it was freakn brilliant! The whole crew seemed to be so into it, a lot of them played multiple roles (which I appreciate from a costume-change, work-effort and budgeting perspective). And it was just generally hilarious! I really was laughing most of the way through. And it wasn’t one of those annoying musicals when they sing their sentences to one another.. In fact when ever they broke into song they made sure to take the piss and have fun with it! It was just so good. I would highly recommend it to any one considering seeing a stage show – and I know that they tour the world, so keep an eye out!

2. We went to the Christmas/Santa parade last weekend! We actually ended up completely mus-judging how long it would take to get down the street.. and were out in the cold for a couple of hours before we even saw anything… (actually now I think about it.. that probably had something to do with my current cold as well..) But when it did come it was not disappointing! The floats here are done very professionally! I assume they must park them up and re-use them every year, because some of them were real engineering feats… Especially the one Santa himself rode on! That thing was HUGE. But there were also several marching bands and all kinds of people dressed up following alongside as well. AND it snowed the whole time! Which us tourists found most fitting..



3. We also went to a REALLY weird ‘Christmas light turn on’, which happens every year in the city’s central Dundas Square.. Basically they put up this Christmas tree made of large silver balls in the square about a week ago.. And the balls light up in blue and silver every night after this .. Ceremony? has taken place. So any way we went down to check it out, and it was just like.. who ever had designed this whole affair.. was on acid (for lack of a more subtle comparison). Pretty much, we stood in a big crown in the square, and there were musicians all over the place, on random stages and on top of archways and in the crowd – and they all would sing or dance or perform as a spot light shone upon each of them at various points throughout the show. Which was fine! But they were signing the randomest of songs! Like songs with sexual innuendos, or that just generally had NOTHING to do with Chistmas (not a single carol).. But any way I could have handled that.. Although it seemed a little odd.. BUT THEN these weird.. rainbow ladies.. In massive skirts, on stilts come out and start walking through the crowd.. Which! was not a convenience for anyone involved! AND would have been terrifying for them, up in the air, trying to navigate through a throng of people.. AND THEN these giant, white.. inflatable stars?/maybe snowflakes? came out and started doing the same thing! And they’re all twitching their spikes and trying to hug people?! .. I don’t even know.. AND THEN some acrobats suddenly start jumping down an office building on the other side of the square?! AND THEN some giant toy soldiers come out and start prowling the crowd too! … And to finish it all off… There was the most silent, smokiest (shittiest) fireworks display ever. Right in the middle of the city.. It was just.. Quite psychedelic. And maybe not so much for the children..


4. I have officially read about half of the ‘free’ books me and Bria claimed on a drunken mission home a few weekends ago.. And I plan on donating them all to an Opp Shop before I get on my next plane.

5. I had my first stew the other day! and it was delicious!

6. I have somehow been living on an empty cupboard for the last two weeks, because study and report writing has so much taken up my time.. Its amazing how thrifty you can get on a limited stock of food supplies. For example: One night last week I boiled a head of broccoli, a carrot and a potato.. And couldn’t think of anything to do with them.. So I just ate them one at a time..

And that concludes my list for now!!

Time to catch an afternoon nap.


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