Celebration season

This week has truly been a call for celebration!

Its almost December, and Toronto is already going all out with the Christmas festivities! After a really weird Christmas light ceremony last week, we were actually spoilt with a beautiful Christmas night market this week. It was down near the lake front in an area called the ‘Distillery District’, which is all old brick buildings and adorable pubs.. And this weekend the area also had a variety of gorgeous Christmas stalls set up, selling candles and decorations and chocolates and Russian Babushka doll sets and mulled wine and cheese toasted sandwiches and all kinds! So a few of us went for a meander down there, and generally milled about in the significant crowd that was there appreciating the site. The streets were all lined with fairy lights, there was a giant, and beautifully decorated pine tree and there were carols of course.


It was really truly quite magical. And also.. Freezing cold. So after an hour or so, we all scrambled back to Neill Wycik to undergo some 21st celebrations!

And it was a pretty good effort on everyone’s behalf in recreating a traditional NZ/Australian 21st – over here on the other side of the world. AND we undoubtedly stunned and puzzled the few Canadians who managed to join us. We’ve pretty much reached the consensus that Canadians simply to not know how to party like we do, because they we’re very confused by the manner with which we relentlessly humiliated the birthday boy all night, in a playful celebration of the beginning of his 21st year of life. But it was a really good time, and we know that even the victim enjoyed it! After a specially engineered game of ‘Circle of Death’ (which largely targeted the Birthday boy) we all headed out to ‘Dance Cave’ – An underground club that plays any requests made all night, and therefore features some really fun old beats, as opposed to the repetitive radio top40.

I truly cannot say what time we must have made it home. But of course we did! and that’s the important thing! Although.. I was pretty sure I was never going to survive the day after waking up the next morning with a pounding head and rasping throat. And fortunately I was not alone in my suffering.. We spent a whole day in recovery, watching the Christmas traditional.. ‘Love actually’, and eating pizza…

And at 6pm we actually managed to drag ourselves into a vertical position and make it down to the town square for a fireworks display! Which.. Was really impressive. Unlike at home, this display released several fireworks at once, exploding through the night sky in ALL of the colours, from an overhead walkway AND from building tops nearby. AND the whole thing was done to music! with tracks like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Diamonds” by Rihanna playing throughout. It went for 10minutes at least and was just really well set up and executed. It was definitely worth the pain of having to stand up for..

And further, classes have finally finished! And for me.. They have finished for good.. Which is actually a little crazy to be able to write right now.. After 2 weeks of exams.. Which actually start this Wednesday for me.. It’ll all be over. And this has been riding on everyone’s minds.. We are all already acutely aware of how many last moments we are going through together.. And the goodbyes are already forming.. Especially after some pretty darn good speech writing at the 21st this weekend.. And it is really sad. The time has gone so quickly, it is hard to believe, and as we all lay dying in our various hungover states yesterday, sleeping and conversing so comfortably in one another presence, we were all acutely aware of how close we have so quickly become.. I have long since arriving here, decided that the meaning of life must have a lot to do with this succession of goodbyes that it seems we have to continually go through.. Ill work on defining that more specifically as I embark on my travels, which it has become apparent now.. are only just beginning..

Truthfully, more than just myself have admitted that Toronto is not a city which we would choose to live in.. But it has been great for the time that we have had within it. And I suppose now it will always represent this specific time in life. And with that in mind, I am SO excited to move on to the next destination! I am so ready to begin seeing the world! And I am so intrigued by the cultures that are out there and the changes that are awaiting. Once these exams are over, the real celebrations will begin!


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