Study. Gym. Exam. Repeat

Well.. by the end of next week I’ll have sat my final EVER exams!  And the whole exam period couldn’t possibly drag on any longer.  I am so acutely aware of everyone who is finishing before me.. BUT that’s OK I guess. . It just leaves me with plenty of time to procrastinate with eating well and going to the gym. I’ve even procrastinated with studying OTHER subjects as opposed to that of my nearest exam.. I’ve become an expert.Then again. I probably became an expert in my first year at uni..

And I have been getting some real life organization on the go recently. Applying for my UK work visa, actually ordering some shoes (because I’ve been walking around in my slippers for the last several weeks), enquiring with some job sites in the UK, resetting my phone in an attempt to achieve a stable wireless connection, emailing my course coordinator back home to ensure I am actually able to get my degree, arranging doctors appointments, pricing my next flights (already) and then checking and re-checking my bank accounts to make sure I am able to survive for my next (and last) 2 weeks here in Toronto.

And of course all of this just makes the time go even faster!

We’re hoping to put together a final group dinner, a trip out to Scarborough Bluffs and of course a final night out in town over the next week as well. And I really do hope all of these plans will come to completion.

Oh! A trip I forgot to mention! Me and Steph went to the Ontario Art Gallery last week. And it was actually amazing. Which is a rare call on behalf, because I am a huge critic of modern art.
But this one was all ancient portraits, Bible scenes, landscapes, sculptures, carvings and chalices. And there were even some 15th century paintings that had to be displayed behind curtains for fear they would fade in our bright, artificial, modern day light.
It was really cool.
And having embarked on a personal mission to completely read the old testament last summer (on a working trip to Perth with 2 girl friends) I actually found it surprisingly easier to understand and feel the dramatic biblical scenes that were on display.
And even better – it was free entry. And as I am now too used to saying. . The place was huge. 4 or 5 stories, and impossible to explore properly in one evening. But a cool trip none the less.

After exams conclude I will hopefully have more events to report.. but in the meantime I need to get off this excercycle.


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