Farewells and Scarborough Bluffs!

Well, last night we had a massive group dinner as a formal and sober farewell to what has been an excellent trip! It was at this delicious Italian place (which we have actually been to three times now, because we loved it so much the first time) called Hey Lucy – Where I had the BEST butternut squash ravioli (although.. also.. the only butternut squash ravioli) that I have ever tasted. And we all had a glass of wine and announced our “Peaks and Pits” of the trip thus far. My personal “peak” was of course our Algonquin national park and cabin trip.. That whole experience was just so much fun, and so entirely something different and unique from city dwelling and generic sight seeing.. and all of us who shared in that ‘wilderness’ experience shared the same, knowing “peak”. And actually.. I truly, honestly did find it hard to find a “pit”.. As corny as it sounds.. And I am even a little surprised at how much I did really struggle with it… But in the end I had to use my last weeks extreme level of hangover as the least favorite memory for the trip (although, I do genuinely find something extremely satisfying and homely about hangovers on the rare occasions that they hit).

And after dinner the few of us who could manage to fight off the impeding food commas had drinks at our flat, and then headed out to Dance Cave for a boogie! Which.. I always thoroughly enjoy.

And then this morning me and Brittany rose early and had a breakfast farewell with 3 of our fellow New Zealanders at another awesome eatery – Eggspectation. Before meeting up with Lauren and Steph for a mission out to Scarborough Bluffs!

Pretty much the bluffs just offer a new vantage point (away from the cityscape) of the massive Lake Ontario. And although it was freezing (its 0degrees currently), and we were battling a setting sun AND were feeling rather lost… it was worth it.. and after a friendly local eventually pointed us in the right direction, and we got to touch the polar waters of the lake front and gaze out on the massive body of water which is already developing ice sheets along its shores. And of course… it offered us all a little exercise and fresh air and adventure.



me and Britt

And I guess like all the others this weekend.. It was an appropriate farewell to the great lake that for the last 4 months has been our home.


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