The final day.

Well, today is my last day in Toronto. As always with time, it’s gone too quickly, but at the same time, my arrival seems to have been so long ago.

Last night me Brittany, Steph, Bria and Lauren went out for a final dinner at what has become our favorite restaurant – Hey Lucy. And as always, it was no disappointment. It’s an Italian restaurant, and they just do everything right! Pasta, pizza, canzones… mmmmmm. AND the BEST chocolate cookie sundae dessert..
It was actually my 4th time dining there… and every time we have bought various members of the extended exchange group back to try it. It is so good. Definitely somewhere I would recommend (just a block south of the Scotiabank cinema in the CBD) and re-visit on a return trip.
And it was really nice to have dinner with the girls I have become closest to on this exchange, because they have been off in Montreal and Quebec for the last week, while I was finishing up exams..

But of course the rest of us had farewell drinks and parties all weekend none the less. Saturday was the official exchange farewell party with all of the exchangees at a club called the Hoxton, which was not a bad night, but the quieter Monday at Dance Cave was much more my thing. That was with just the closer group of us, and although the DJ was exceedingly average and the club was almost empty.. we had fun.

There have been so many good byes, and actually I am amongst the last few to leave. I am both extremely excited for the travel that now lies ahead of me, and a little lost at the thought of no longer having Brittany next door, and Bria and Steph hanging around.. BUT we’re already making reunion plans for a 2015/16 new years in Tasmania, and I really do feel that those will be followed through.. I have maintained since the early days of this exchange that we will all meet again at some point in the future, because we are all traveller’s. And I believe that.

My room is clean, my bags are almost completely packed.. Although at this stage they will definitely be overweight.. and I am ready to catch my 5.30 am bus out to New York tomorrow morning!
And I am very excited to see my little brother when I get there!

Tonight we’re going to cook up the last of what’s in the cupboards and will have to say yet more farewells… but we will meet again. The last 4 months have been a treat, and a learning experience.. and the people have been awesome. But for now, I’m ready to see more of this planet!


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