4 months in England and not a post until now…

So….. almost 4 months ago now I departed the USA, and my family.. and arrived in England, alone.
And I haven’t written a single blog post since arriving in England.. Because.. Well honestly I was just getting bored of having to put aside a certain number of ‘computer hours’ at the end of every day.. In fact if I am to be really honest about it.. Routine is just not something I do very well.. and my obsession with change is quite obviously reflected in the fact that I am currently keeping a blog about my travels around the world and throughout cities – A lifestyle which allows me to avoid falling into any long-term sense of familiarity. And a lifestyle which I am (currently at least) very in love with.

But I digress… The point is that now.. as I prepare to leave England and set of for Asia (!!??!) I feel like I should add at least a summary of my thoughts about this country to this blog! And fortunately I didn’t completely give up on my record keeping ways altogether over the last 4 months… But alternatively have chosen to keep a private, hand written ‘journal’ of my encounters and activities in this country..
Which.. I must admit… I partially chose to do, so that any gossip that took place in my own mind that I found myself writing about would be kept private and out of the reach of any pub ‘regulars’, who being as interested in finding me on ‘Facebook’ as they are.. may have happened upon my lovely blog one day and found incriminating or personal remarks against them posted here for the world to see…. Because honestly.. working in the service industry and pretending to be best friends with complete strangers all day can be very hard.. and after all, what is a journal best for if it is not to vent about petty daily frustrations and contemplate personal opinions?
BUT alas! the point is that this village appears to feature very little scandal and I appear to be almost completely uninterested in that which does pass through… So, now, at the end of it all – I am going to endeavour (over the next few days) to convert my physical journal to an online text that is available for the world to read anyway! .. And this conversion will be relatively PC and I’ll be able to cut out the daily and personal boredom and anger which I may have occasionally felt towards customers over the last 4 months as a service worker..

SO what did I do in my first month in the UK? who did I meet? What did I think? How long did it take me to find a job, a home and to settle in?  – Well… Let me just look back in my journal and think about it…


I love other people's opinions too..

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