Bangkok – Day five and six.

Day five:
By day 5 we felt comfortable enough in our new Bangkok home to use our sleep in as an excuse to barely go out at all… We spent the whole day being utterly lazy. We watched several episodes of Breaking Bad, ventured only as far as across the road for food, and puzzled over crosswords for hours.

We also got some washing done.. So we weren’t completely unproductive… and actually that may have been the original excuse to stay home.. because of course, we had to wait for the washing to finish so we could hang it up around the apartment to dry..

And in our time off from touristing we also discovered the mini-mart at the bottom of our apartment block.. and used it to explore some of the odd and some of the wonderful Thai snacks that were available, that probably wouldn’t be found anywhere outside of Thailand.. Things like: Pea chips, green custard filled buns, butter flavoured biscuits, milky iced tea, green Thai curry flavoured chips, taro filled pancakes and something which would best be described as milk flavoured Cheezels.. And all in all our taste testing went pretty well..

Day six:
On this day we did intend to make up for the previous days laziness by visiting the Kings Royal Palace in Bangkok city.. But… such intentions never came to fruition as the heat got the better of us both shortly after we arrived outside the palace gates.
I suppose our mistake was in allowing our taxi driver to drop us off on the wrong side of the palace (alongside the back wall of the palace, on the opposite side to the entrance doors..) because after a mere 10 minutes of walking under the mid day Thai sun, alongside the tall, bright white and highly reflective (reflecting heat AND light) palace walls, surrounded by the concrete of a city… we were pooped.
We arrived at the palace gates sweating and dehydrated, we took in the huge crowd of visitors, acknowledged the fact that in order to look ‘respectful’ inside the palace gates we would in fact have to put on moreclothes, lined up for such clothing articles a few minutes.. and then, gave up.

We went and found some hydration instead. And then, not yet wanting to commit ourselves to another day indoors, we opted to visit a nearby museum instead of the palace.. A location which was less crowded, didn’t require long sleeves and pants as a condition of entrance and was just generally less daunting.. and also, a place which might hopefully be air-conditioned and cool.

The museum however, was pretty disappointing..
First of all…. it wasn’t air-conditioned..
But secondly, there was pretty much 0 information provided about any of the items on display!
The whole thing was really more of a ‘gallery’ than a ‘museum’. Which was a shame… because the significant collection of Bodhisattva, ancient weaponry, royal carriages, gold pieces and mythological carvings present within the museum could have been really interesting to learn about! But instead the museum items were very simply displayed in a succession of connected (hot) rooms, with little to no information other than their title and the place they were found listed beneath them…

One room however, which was seperate from the main “museum” building did hold some legitimately interesting treasures, which required no explanation.
It was a room full of massive royal carriages. And these were not the type of carriages that are wheeled behind horses.. These were the type that are carried or dragged by people.. And these things were so big that they required an entire seperate pulley contraption to actually lift the royal individual up to his seat… It was the most extravagant madness…
And of course they were all gold and very dramatically adorned with dragons and mythological creatures carved into their sides. The biggest ones would have easily been 2 stories high.. They were incredible.

But even our awe of these mammoth contraptions could not persuade us to stay in the heat of the day any longer. It was time to run away from the city and return to laziness.


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