Bali bound!

Well, I’m off again! and just like the last time I found myself in this position (on a recent trip to Japan) I find myself behind on blogging about my last travel experience despite having a new one upcoming and demanding my attention.. So for now the last few days of Japan will have to wait. It’s Bali time! (And beyond)

Currently I sit, reclined in a beautiful airport lounge called Sama Sama at Kuala Lumpur airport. I’ve just dined on a buffet lunch of noodles and samosas followed by ice cream, I’m utilising free wi fi AND I’m on my third beer – an amazing package deal that has cost me about $30AUD. 

I am so damn excited to be back in Asia! 

I cannot wait to get to Bali. 

In the lead up I’ve heard both good and bad stories about the island that leave me with almost zero expectations.. Surely it can’t be as bad as the critics say? 

I guess I’ll find out….


I love other people's opinions too..

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