About Me..

Hello there!
My name is Haley, and I am now 23 years old (I was 21 when I first gave birth to this web-page). I am a restaurant manager? a grown up? a graduate?
I don’t really know what I am yet.. Other than a traveller. That one I am sure of.

I first stepped out into the world, independently – without my family that is – at the age of 14 on a school trip from my home country of New Zealand all the way to Canada… and I’ve never been the same since..Which sounds corny, I know… But it is quite simply the truth.

More recently my travels re-began. And in August 2014 I boarded a plane back to Canada. A move which I am still only just realising may have signalled the beginning of my life outside of the structure of school and pre-determined doctrine.
Since then I have made it onwards to the USA, England, South East Asia, Australia (where I now reside) and Japan. The manifold emotions I have experienced have shocked and excited me all the way. The people I have met will leave profound impressions me for years to come.. and what I have experienced is to some extent at least, here for you to read and use as you choose..

I will admit that I write this blog largely for my mother bear.. Who I know will be fretting without daily accounts of my goings-on.. But also, perhaps, to inspire and aid others.

…. Lets see how it goes then!


I love other people's opinions too..

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