Summarising time..

Wow, how do I start writing again after so long.. Hello? I’m Back? It’s been a while?…

If I look back through my old blog posts now I am reminded that I haven’t written here for well over a year..  I am reminded that I left this blog hanging on a rather sinister last line – (“And perhaps for the first time during this trip.. Our last minute decision making was… well, maybe it was a mistake..”) and of course this was not without reason. My passion for writing deserted me in those final few days in Cambodia. I stopped to save my sanity. And it all seems so petty and insignificant now.. Yet, as a result, a year of silence has passed. So much has happened.

I am still yet to return to my home country of New Zealand permanently. And perhaps I never will. I am still a traveller, but no longer a backpacker. Although this is not where I grew up – visa restrictions and foreign languages do not hinder my ability to live here. I suppose I have “settled” down somewhat.. But I know that I am still a roaming gypsy at heart – and as such am about to embark on yet another adventure – out there, in the world – that I want to share. But I think before I can do that, for my own sake, for the sake of consistency and for the sake of memory when I finally reach the ripest stages of old age I need to briefly sow together the past and present before I can continue with the tales of my life abroad.. So, i’ll try to summarise a year and a half worth of living into a few paragraphs – the year and a half which has passed between my last post and this present one.. People do it all the time – summarise a life in a few succinct sentences.. But it is only now, now that I have made the idea tangible by typing it in solid text that it seems so sad.

But, alas! The last year of my life has not been a tragedy. It has been a continuation of worldly fascination, deep thinking, exploration, and personal growth. It has been new, it has been safe, it has been exciting, it has been habitual. I have aged, maybe I have wizened, but above all I have found happiness in the simplest form – love.

OK that’s too much. It’s corny. But it is also, true. I fell in love with my travel companion – The one who I ventured to Asia to join. The one who worried for me in a Taiwanese hospital. The one who lay on hot Thai beaches with me watching sunsets crack dramatically over exotic longboats and half-naked revellers. The one who I cycled alongside to a remote school in the Cambodian countryside to play energy high-five with the happiest schoolchildren I have ever met. The one who excitedly waved me over to share in a private sea-dance with a giant sea turtle in the crystal waters that surround Taiwan. The one whose waist I held as we scootered through the thick green depths of Taroko gorge marvelling at waterfalls, pagodas, swooping swallows and hidden temples. The one who broke my heart with one careless sentence during our last days in Asia. The one who bought our epic journey to a tragic, tear-filled, crying-under-the-monsoon-rains-dramatic kind of end.  The one who I now live with in Melbourne, Australia. The one I love is Sam (just in case he had any doubts).

And there you go. In one paragraph I have summarised a year and half worth of life and also explained why my blogging ended so abruptly and on such a sinister note so long ago.

Easier than it seems. And not nearly so sad.

But I guess I could add a few more details.. Sometimes I find my experiences in life seem to accumulate like beads on an abacus. So easy to count and categorise. The complexity of the thing which a single bead seeks to count never powerful enough to change the simplicity of the bead itself.. In this manner, by discounting detail, I am able to easily summarise that during my absence from the online blogging world, since I have moved to Melbourne and made a home with Sam. I have found and lost 4 jobs in a manner which leaves me currently un-employed (but waiting for a new role to begin in mid-late November which I am very excited about). I have had 2 “homes” (and will be looking for a new one again come the years end). I have made the flight home to New Zealand (only a brief 3 hour trip) perhaps 4 times. I have made at least 13 new, long-term friends and have re-united with 2 old ones. I have completed 5 AMAZING road trips (which deserve blog posts of their own but, alas they will likely never receive, so I’ll at least give them titles in this space – The Great Ocean Road, The Moonlit Animal Sanctuary, Phillip Island, The Dandenong Ranges, The Edward River). I have been to 1 excellent amateur comedy night, 2 good professional comedy nights, 1 brilliant street performance, 1 crappy street performance, 1 orchestra (a tribute to David Bowie – AMAZING) and 2 unexpectedly dark amateur theatre productions.. And then there are the things which there are not enough beads for.. For example, I have caught more trams than I can count, eaten more good meals than I can count, been drunk more times than I can count, been to the gym more times than I can count and missed more nights sleep than I wish to know (as a result of both work and partying). These un-countables, I suppose, breach the boundary of habits..

But the point is I have done a lot! I have spent my time in Melbourne damn well! Refusing to give in to the work-a-day life as an all consuming aspect of MY life and refusing to give up being a traveller. And Sam has been there at my side throughout.

And in 1 week we depart for Japan together!  – This is the reason that I am sowing the gap in my history and preparing my fingers to type again.

So I will be back in a week. But before I go..

Two more beads…

I have over the past year and a half had to admit to myself on 2 separate occasions, with genuine surprise and deep, deep pleasure that my life, right now, is perfect..